How Many Ways is Roots Essential AromaMist Better?

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How many women do you know who don’t use cologne, air freshener or fabric refresher?


Why ask this negative question? Most women enjoy pleasant scents. Unfortunately, there’s been an increase in the number of women who are sensitive to synthetic chemical scents used in many colognes, deodorizers, air fresheners, fabric refreshers and other scented products. Someone I know tells me these extra-sensitive people are like the canary in the coal-mine; they should be a warning to all of us not to put so many synthetic chemicals out into everybody’s breathing space.


Pure essential oils and all-natural ingredients in our AromaMist signature blends provide the solution with value, aromatherapy benefits and artisanal scent combinations.


It’s surprising how long one 4-ounce bottle can last! The fine spray nozzle is part of the secret. Also, the scents are more condensed than a non-aerosol spray of whatever other synthetic spray you might think to compare. Not as much needs to be sprayed and what you smell is genuine, pure and healthier.


The three versions of AromaMist currently made by Roots Essential are distinctive in scent as much as they are in their aromatic purposes – Trying all three is a good remedy to solve the problem of finding which fragrance blend works best for your needs. It’s easy to decide you can’t decide and love them all in their own moments.


There’s no definite number of how many ways Roots Essential AromaMist is better than other fragrance mists. The answer can be in your own discovery.


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