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May the Florals be with You

Posted by Evangeline Stacy on

Trivia Question: How many times in the Star Wars series does Princess Leia receive flowers?


Answer: Not often enough


After surveying several people who have recently been to see Solo and claim to be huge Star Wars fans, no one can really recall for sure. One person remembers at least one time, as a matriarch Princess Leia received flowers among many other gifts.


Flowers enhance our lives. Do you believe that? It’s true! Not only when they’re made into Pure Essential Oils, but when they are living and awhile after they’ve been cut for vases, what flowers do for us is amazing.


Had she been favored with more flowers more often, would Princess Leia have been even fiercer of a character? We have no answer, for sure. No doubt, her life would be improved.


When we look at flowers, the symmetry is mystical; it can be a little hypnotic and wonderful to take in, noticing the divinely perfect patterns and natural beauty.


Have you ever heard that when we’re craving certain foods it’s because our bodies are craving some of the nutrients in those foods? Did you know it’s also somewhat the same with what floral scents or flowers we are most attracted to? We crave the scents that make us feel the way we want to feel. It’s true! Additionally, what we think smells best and, in some ways, how scents cause us to feel a certain way also comes from our memories associated with various scents and the experiences, people or memories that go along with them. This is a great reason for always finding out what kind of flowers a person likes before you buy them flowers.

While you’re asking, if you don’t know already, it might benefit you to find out if they prefer live plants or cut flowers.


Here are five fun flower facts:

A 2008 study proved patients in hospitals need less pain medication when they have plants and flowers in their rooms.

There are a lot of theories about how petal coloring affects our emotions, and the truth is that how the colors affect us depends on the cultural attitudes we’re raised with, and our personal associations we have for colors. Some people might think blue relaxes them, while another segment of people feels energized with blue.

Flowers with rounded petals have a more relaxing effect than flowers with petals that come to a point.

Flowers with thorny stems, pointed petals and other pointed forms evoke strong emotions. It is suggested people who are more attracted to flowers with these characteristics might be more craving of power or passion, they might be more mysterious, adventurous and /or outgoing than those who prefer rounded flower petals.

People (and pollinators) are more attracted to flowers that are bilaterally symmetrical like orchids, snapdragons and lavender because they tend to have contain more nectar than radially symmetrical flowers such as lilies and buttercups.


These flower pictures are so lovely! We'd like to give credits to the photographers who feature their photos for use at unsplash.com


Much respect and gratitude to:

Aaron Burden for the awesome close-up of a bee on pink flowers

Chi Pham for the blue flowers

Dominick Vanyi for the lovely Orchid pic

Tn Nguyen for the pretty Plumeria

Kwang Mathuros Emontri for the tall Tulips


Sergie Bee for the lovely orange Tulip at the top.

Thank you all.


We will be more diligent for crediting the talented photogrphers who are so wonderful for making the pictures we use from unsplash.com free to the public.


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