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That Funky Smell 😷

Posted by Evangeline Stacy on

As we continue to adjust to changing times, It's good to keep looking for creative ways to incorporate self care whenever we can.


Wearing face masks in public became a part of our new normal during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Let's be honest, behind every mask is unbearable funky odor. But you're not all alone, for someone that works in a fresh smelling environment (mixing essential oil blends all day) stinky mask drives me crazy!


Our mouths naturally contain bacteria. As we breathe and talk, the droplets that normally goes into the air gets trapped in our mask and can cause bad odors.

Great News - NO MORE STINKY MASK! All you need is a few drops of essential oils, that's it! Known for it's innumerable benefits, Essential oils naturally smells like fresh garden and have a positive effect on our brain in terms of mood. Inhalation will not only puts us in good mood, it also helps our respiratory system by opening up our lungs and making our breathing a lot easier.

Here are some must-haves Essential Oils and their benefits.


ORANGE is called the “happy oil” and is often calming. LEMON has a brightening and cleansing sensation. PEPPERMINT promotes energy and mental focus and can open up the respiratory system. It is a powerful oil and must often be diluted. LAVENDER is good for anxiety. EUCALYPTUS opens the mind as well as the lungs. GRAPEFRUIT has a antibacterial and antimicrobial

effects on our body. ROSEMARY helps boost immune system. LEMONGRASS contains antioxidant properties.

If you’re trying this, always remember: less is often more. Concentrated oils can be overpowering. Start with just a drop or two on the outside edges of the mask. If the effect is too strong, dilute the essential oil with your favorite carrier oil. As always, It's the small things, that make life big.

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