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Why Roots Essential for Stocking Stuffers

Posted by Evangeline Stacy on

Last Minute Gifts?


Except for a few brilliantly creative planners here and there among us, most people celebrating Christmas save shopping for Christmas Stockings last.


Some people still believe in carrying on with the old tradition with the 12 Days of Christmas, which allows gift-giving to only begin on Christmas Day and carry on with exchanging gifts for 12 days until Three Kings Day.


(With that in mind, maybe don’t stress so much about all that uncompleted shopping.) ;)


Meanwhile, back to stuffing those stockings.


Why Roots Essential for Stocking Stuffers

  1. Preferences for products from companies supporting sustainability.

  2. Our wellness products are totally healthier than and create a good balance with the candy or sugar cane..

  3. All Roots Essential products fit nicely to help fill stockings.

  4. Lottery tickets as gifts are too often a total dud.

  5. That good feeling you get about giving gifts of healthiness

  6. You can choose scents that fit each stocking owner best, and everyone can all enjoy Roots Essential personal care products and Everything Soap.

  7. Almost everybody has a favorite Roots Essential product, even if they’re still figuring it out.

  8. Original, hand-crafted products make a gift extra-special.

  9. Affordable pricing inspires buying “one of each” to make sets.

  10. Giving gifts with all-natural, 100% pure ingredients, no GMO, and no chemicals shows you truly care.

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