Bringing in the New Year

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It’s almost time again, for the ball to drop in Times Square, all the parties, merriment, the Tournament of Roses Parade and a day for watching football, if you will.


This blog is timed a little late and originally was titled, “Things to Do Between Christmas and New Year’s Day “. Now, you can contemplate maybe one or two. (ha-ha) The holidays are challenging with so many things to do, right?


Retitled: Things to Consider Doing New Year’s Eve Day

Make sure New Years Eve dinner includes some black-eyed peas.

  1. Plan to be with people you want to be around you in 2019, when midnight chimes.

  2. Out with the old. In with the new. Were you recently blessed with new belongings? Do you have seldom-used items that can be repurposed? Consider sorting it out for donations and send it forward.

  3. Pamper yourself. Feel extra-good energy entering 2019.

  4. Take time for a soak with DETOX. Holiday festivities can take a toll. Balancing it out a little before this next round of celebration with a good detoxifying Himalayan bath salt with Non-GMO 100% Pure Lavender, Peppermint, Grapefruit and Patchouli Essential Oils could make you feel a difference you’ll love.

Happy New Year from Roots Essential

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