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For a Relaxing Sleep, Try Lavender Essential Oil

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How effective is Lavender Essential Oil for a relaxing sleep?


Anyone doubtful about successful results with healing properties of essential oils may find it interesting to know the medical world has researched many of them to see if they can prove the traditional teachings are fact-based or wives-tales that work with placebo-effects.


Information at PubMed.gov acknowledges inhaling Lavender Essential Oil not only has relaxing powers that affect the central nervous system, it also lowers blood pressure, heart rate and skin temperature, which are indicators of decreased autonomic arousal. This was proven using EEG testing results.


Lavender Essential Oil is one of the few essential oils that doesn’t have to be diluted for safe application to the skin. If it’s time to relax and your body isn’t relaxed at all, pour a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil into the palm of your hand and inhale. Repeat if necessary. Rubbing the oil into areas close to veins will help relax tensions.


The aroma of lavender can help us drift into a relaxing sleep. Spraying a Lavender Aroma Mist on your pillow is a delightful way to drift into a pleasantly restful night.

Sweet Dreams


“Deep are the Roots”

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