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Start Your Day Strong - Morning Meditations with Essential Oils

Posted by Evangeline Stacy on

How do you begin your day?


Does your day begin frantically with a rushed series of preparations following the alarm(s)? How we begin our days helps determine the way the rest of the day, our perceptions and our resilience.


How many of you exercise first thing in the morning?


The great scholar and philosopher, Maimonides, was also a physician who encouraged healthy lifestyle practices, including the advice to have some form of exertion causing one to break out in a sweat first thing in the morning, then rest a little, then eat. Morning is the best time to exercise, after we are well-rested. As an alternative, did you know taking a soak can also qualify as an exertion that helps one break into a sweat?


Whether or not you exercise, getting up earlier and making time to thoughtfully greet the day is something you grow to appreciate if you don’t do this already. If your schedule can coincide so that extra time that you rest after your exercise routine, hot bath or soak happens while the sun is rising, the privilege of meditating as you watch a beautifully changing sky is a blessing in itself!


Meditation isn’t the same for everyone. It can be religious and is adaptable to anyone’s religious beliefs, but it doesn’t have to be. Whatever you think about as you meditate, there are no meditation police to say what you should focus on or think about. Thankfulness, peacefulness and considering goodness are positive things to put better light, energy and balance into the day. If we begin our day to feel happy and grateful, we can have a greater ability to be less bothered with frustrations for the rest of the day.


Sometimes during meditation, some people may also like to consider what the day is bringing, challenges to be faced and the people who will be involved. Will we need extra energy, extra calm, or focus? It’s a common belief that in eating, we crave what our body needs and it’s probable our sense of smell is also attracted more to the aromas that are best for our own personal aromatherapy needs.


Essential oils have been used with meditation practice for thousands of years. Although some practice has ritual incense burning, we say, “Who needs all that smoke and ash pollution?”


Because meditation is about being relaxed, common practice in meditation is to use scents that relax. Use the type of aromatherapy that will provide your senses with the motivation and feelings you need most in your day. Some people may choose to begin meditation with scents that are more relaxing for the meditation time and then take time to graduate into a different scent that will help you meet the challenges of the rest of your day


Meditation with aromatherapy is an in-depth subject we may blog more about later.


“Deep are the Roots”



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