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Gardener's Badge of Honor

Posted by Evangeline Stacy on

There is something incredibly satisfying about getting your hands in the dirt and watching your garden grow. Gardening reduces stress, boost your vitamin D and immune system and allows you to spend time with nature!

Beyond these benefits though, one big downside is what I call a Gardener's Hands ( every gardener's badge of honor ) - the dry skin, calluses, cracking or rough skin, and dirt that gets into deep cracks. I've tried pretty much everything out there, but what really works for me is a lotion bar. I call them a "Gardener's Best friend".

To make your own, here are the ingredients: 1/3 beeswax or soy wax 1/3 shea butter, 1/3 sunflower oil.


Sometimes I add rosemary, peppermint or lavender essential oil, but unscented is always an option. Using it before gardening helps keep my hands not too dry from the dirt. Because it absorbs deeply, using both before and and after gardening definitely prevents my skin from cracking. I also use these during the dry cold winters we have here in Minnesota.

In every gardener is a child who loves to play in a dirt. In every child is a gardener ready to grow!




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