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Got Sniffles?

Posted by Evangeline Stacy on

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Oh, my Goodness! The cold and flu season is in full strength all over the United States. Has it been to your house and workplace yet?


Recently I heard someone ask about how to dose a certain over-the-counter cold medication when the dosage instructions don’t allow for 24 hours. This writer stays away from such things. Eat garlic! LOL


Garlic doesn’t smell so appealing to everyone. Its potency is said to scare away vampires. There was a time several hundred years ago when people wore garlic tied around their neck and maybe no one was sure if they were protecting themselves from illness or vampires, but not everyone wants to smell like garlic and sometimes little colds and sniffles aren’t serious enough for such measures.


If you have Roots Essential’s Roots Starter Kit or My Mist, you’re prepared to fight against sniffles and mild congestion. You can use a base of Grapeseed, Almond or Coconut Oil. Use about 2 tablespoons and add 2 drops each of Lemon, Peppermint and Rosemary Essential Oils with 6 drops of

Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Rub mixture over throat and chest area. If you have extra in the palm of your hand, it may also be helpful to rub some over your wrists and tops of your hands where the veins are. This will also be helpful because your hands will be encountering your face a lot to give you a good whiff while you’re still sneezing and blowing your nose.


If you are out among other people and you feel socially or physically overwhelmed with the healing aromatics of Eucalyptus, the drops with the above recipe can be reduced from six to four or even 2. Keep in mind, in this case more Eucalyptus is better in the short-run.


This mixture can also be used in de-humidifiers, old-fashioned steamers that are known for use with congestion problems or steamed towels. If you use handkerchiefs instead of tissues, use this formula with distilled water instead of the oil base, and spray them before your day begins. With these alternatives, the Rosemary isn’t needed, as its topical purpose is for warmth to the skin.


Here’s to feeling better.



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