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MN State Fair Healthy Food Options?

Posted by Evangeline Stacy on

Do you know what saft is? It’s at our state fair. Stay tuned for the answer.

Photo courtesy of John Jackson @Unsplash.com

Many Minnesotans look forward to discovering new, crazy-interesting taste combinations begging for our attention at the fair. Before we even have our tickets, we check out this year’s state fair food choices, savoring the opportunity to consume fair food. Is your appetite adventurous, do you crave the same fair snacks or are you always in search of the healthier options?


Healthy food options at the fair?


First, let’s understand “healthy” is a word that has a variety of levels, depending on who’s talking about it.

Photo courtesy of Aral Tasher @Unsplash.com

Several of the new foods added this year appear wholesome, natural and Minnesota-grown. We want to trust it. It looks scrumptious. Be careful of food that gives sugar rushes and rebounds later to steal your energy. Also, sugar dehydrates, and that’s especially not a cool condition on a warm day. If you’re going to be active and walking about all day (and possibly into the evening), good nutrition helps you have strength and energy you need.


Cheese curds are healthy, but they’re heavy in calories. Roasted turkey legs and corn on the cob have often been some of the safest options for health-conscious guests. Unfortunately corn is now another food to be cautious about. It’s said that much of our local corn is still safely non-GMO. Hopefully, that’s true.


Wonderful food vendors are beginning to invent and present more different and healthier options at the MN State Fair.


From the 2018 new food choices at the fair, you might consider trying these:


Firecracker Shrimp Stuffed Avocado

Moroccan Sausage Bowl

(Maybe) Salmon on a stick


The Mangonada is a winner without the sugary “popping mango boba pearls” and if the shaved ice wasn’t artificially flavored (as the name implies). Despite that, it sounds irresistible. Cooling off with a frozen energy packed dessert, with a healthy combination of tamarind, chamoy and tajin chili powder is otherwise what might be one of the healthiest refreshments at our state fair this year.


Clearly, on the lesser healthy side of the scale, waffle wraps are so popular that I’m looking for the waffles with fried chicken.


Nordic Waffles offers lingonberry saft.


Saft: It’s a lot of different things, including syrup, gravy and juice, spoken in Swedish. In this context, it’s more like juice. Lingonberries are said to have healthy benefits; Lingonberry saft is likely in the meh section between healthy and unhealthy? Gotta try it, right?

Photo courtesy of Kody Gautier @Unsplash.com

Even the health conscious find it hard to resist the tempting foods and drinks at the state fair. We get home and sometimes our body feels the punishing results. If you ate and drank too adventurously, take a soak with some Detoxer. Be well.


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