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Summertime Feet - Relaxing Foot Soak Recipe

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Barefoot or in sandals, our feet enjoy more freedom and exposure in warm weather.


Photo courtesy of Brian Mann @ Unsplash.com


Most of us are more active with outdoor activities and fun. In summertime, when we wear closed-in shoes, our feet swell from heat and shoes feel too small.


Exposed more to outdoor elements, uncomfortably with a more-active schedule, when we get home,treating our feet to a relaxing soak is deserved.


Photo courtesy of Guillaume Lorain @ Unsplash.com


We should all be nice to our feet. They take us everywhere we go. They usually stand up for us, carry a lot of weight (considering their size) and everybody's feet deserve pampering.


Photo courtesy of Caroline Hernandez @ Unsplash.com


You know if you have some available down time and have a good foot soak on hand, when you get home to you’ll be more likely to treat yourself. Tired, achy feet are predictable.


You can make your own personal foot soak and be prepared for the next time your feet need a break.


It’s easy and affordable.


Mix together:

1 cup Magnesuim Sulfate (Epsom Salt)

1 teaspoon Baking Soda

10 drops of your chosen Essential Oil(s)


Peppermint: Anti-inflammatory properties promote a soak that cools, soothes and revives.

Eucalyptus: Cools, reduces inflammation and has added anesthetic benefits to numb pain.

Lavender Relaxes and reduces pain and muscle tension.

Lemon refreshes, invigorates and rejuvenates rough or cracked dry skin


Stir well and store soak mixture in an air-tight container.


Instructions for use:

Take a handful and and sprinkle it in a basin with warm water.


Soak and enjoy!


Summertime feet should be happy feet for all.


Photo courtesy of Nathan Dumlao @ Unsplash.com


Live your Roots.

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