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Fir Needle Essential Oil 10ml
Fir Needle Essential Oil 10ml

Fir Needle Essential Oil 10ml

Experience the rejuvenating and grounding power of Fir Needle essential oil. Extracted from needles of the evergreen tree, this oil boasts a woody, earthy aroma that's perfect for promoting calmness and relaxation. Its healing properties make it a popular choice for aromatherapy, and it's also commonly used in herbal soaps and cleansers.

Our Fir Needle essential oil is extracted using steam distillation to ensure the highest quality and potency. The result is a clear, light-to-pale-yellow oil that emits a potent, outdoor aroma that will transport you to mountaintops and lush forests. Choose Fir Needle essential oil when you would like to rest and reflect with calmness, until you're ready to return and face the challenges of daily life.


Blends well with: 

Pine, cedarwood, spruce, eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary


How to use: 

Use an essential oil diffuser or a personal pocket inhaler to indulge in the fresh scent of fir needles. Dilute with a carrier oil for massages and topical applications. Add a few drops to your homemade air freshening spray solution.



Dilute well before use to avoid irritation. Avoid using if pregnant. Discontinue use if sensitivity occurs.


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