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Camphor Essential Oil 10ml
Camphor Essential Oil 10ml
Camphor Essential Oil 10ml

Camphor Essential Oil 10ml

With all its unexpected turns and surprises, sometimes life leaves you feeling overwhelmed. Extracted from the chipped wood, branches, and root stumps of the camphor tree, our Camphor essential oil boasts a fresh, bright aroma that's perfect for promoting relaxation and focus. Its medicinal properties make it a popular choice for salves, balms, vapor rubs, and cough and cold medicine, and it's also commonly used in massage oils and creams.

Our Camphor essential oil is extracted using steam distillation and rectified under vacuum and filter-pressed to ensure the highest quality and potency. The result is a pure, clear oil that emits a potent, calming aroma. Reset and recharge with the fresh, bright aroma of Camphor essential oil.


Blends well with: 

Eucalyptus and other similarly strong aromas


How to use: 

Enjoy the leafy, medicinal aroma of camphor with a diffuser or pocket inhaler. Dilute with a high-quality carrier oil and apply topically to problem areas. Camphor Essential Oil is also often added as an ingredient to homemade liniment and skincare solutions. 



For external use only. Camphor is a powerful oil and overdosing can be toxic. Don't apply in areas around the face of infants or children. Don't apply to skin undiluted. Avoid applying to broken skin or on abrasions. If skin sensitivity occurs, discontinue use. 


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