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Patchouli Essential Oil 10ml
Patchouli Essential Oil 10ml
Patchouli Essential Oil 10ml

Patchouli Essential Oil 10ml

Patchouli essential oil is the perfect way to ground yourself and find your center in a fast-paced world. Extracted from the leaves of the patchouli plant, a bushy herb that is native to tropical regions of Asia, this oil is known for its musky, earthy aroma. It has been used for centuries to help ease tension, uplift negative moods, and improve mental function. A few drops after a long day can help to wash away stress and tension, leaving your mind and body feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. In addition to its soothing scent, patchouli essential oil also has natural healing properties that make it popular in Eastern cultures. It can help to ease skin irritation, boost immunity, and support the nervous system. Its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties make it effective for reducing fevers and natural cleansing.

Our Patchouli essential oil is steam distilled. The resulting oil is dark in color and has a musky, earthy aroma. The distillation process helps to preserve the natural fragrance and beneficial properties of the patchouli plant, allowing the essential oil to retain its unique and valuable qualities. Whether you're looking to relax and unwind, or simply want to enjoy the sensuous, earthy scent, this oil is sure to become a favorite. With its rich, exotic aroma and wide range of benefits, our Patchouli essential oil is a must-have for any essential oil collection.


Blends well with: 

Ylang-Ylang and other floral scents; Frankincense and other resin


How to use: 

Use a diffuser for aromatherapeutic use. Add a few drops to a high-quality carrier oil for topical applications. 



Highly concentrated oil for external use only. Dilute before use. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucus membranes. Keep out of reach of children.


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