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UPLIFT Care Package

UPLIFT Care Package

Introducing our UPLIFT Care Package, a selection of natural plant-based self-care products designed to bring encouragement and strength. This care package includes our Fresh, Light and Tangy Aroma of CLARUS Aromamist, Grapefruit Essential Oil, UPLIFT Hand Salve, and SHIELD Hand Sanitizer.

Our Fresh, Light and Tangy Aroma of CLARUS Aromamist is a blend of 100% pure and non-GMO essential oils that is perfect for bringing a sense of clarity and focus to your day. The Grapefruit Essential Oil is a refreshing and uplifting oil that is perfect for promoting a positive mood and boosting your energy levels.The UPLIFT Hand Salve is a natural and nourishing blend of shea butter, beeswax, and essential oils that will leave your hands feeling soft and revitalized. The SHIELD Hand Sanitizer is a convenient and effective way to clean and protect your hands on the go.

Try our UPLIFT Care Package today and let the natural plant-based ingredients work their magic on your body and mind.


○  Fresh, light and tangy aroma of CLARUS Aromamist (4 oz) 

○  Grapefruit Essential Oil (10 ml)

○  UPLIFT Hand Salve (.35 oz)

○  SHEILD Hand Sanitizer (2 oz)

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