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Feeling Grounded with Nature

Posted by Evangeline Stacy on

Do you feel a difference when you’re able to get outdoors? Do you notice you sleep better at the end of a day, when you get to spend time out in Nature?


Camping, gardening, sleeping or laying out in the sun on a towel or blanket on the ground, and walking barefoot along a beach or in your yard are all things that can help us feel better and be healthier.


Photo by Natalya Zaritskaya @ Unsplash.com

The vitality we feel from Nature is not only from extra sunshine and vitamin D. Before humans wore shoes made with non-leather soles, we absorbed more natural electricity from the earth, and even more when we walked barefoot.

Scientific studies have shown how this helpful part of nature works with our bodies to maximize possibilities of good health.


The natural electromagnetic frequency that emits from our Earth is 7.83 hertz, the exact level of resonance scientifically proven as the frequency for human brains and bodies to function best. So Divine!


Unnatural frequencies from microwaves, signals from wi-fi, cellphones, Smart meters and other technologies interrupt and disrupt the natural flow of energy our bodies need.


When we’re able to receive the correct level of hertz, our bodies are more able to become balanced with the right number of free radicals (anti-oxidants) we should have), without having too many that would be unhealthily.


Other possible benefits include:

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Chronic inflammation accelerates aging. Reduce aging by reducing inflammation? (we hope)

  • Reduced Pain

  • Less stress

  • Improved heart rhythm

  • Improved immune system

  • Balances the day and night natural cortisol rhythm, improving restful sleep.


We hope we gave you good reason to not feel guilty about getting out to enjoy the splendid weather, do gardening, go without shoes outside more often, dig your toes into warm sand, get wet in some natural lake or ocean water if you’re fortunate to have that nearby.


Oceans work better because salt water has so much Magnesium. When you’re not able to be so “at one with Nature”, we think it’s an excellent idea to take some time out for your choice of our Magnesium-rich Roots Essential Bath Soak products.(Check out our Bath Soaks!)

Enjoy summer and have a safe & Happy 4th of July.


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