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Hate the Smell of Vinegar? Here's a Great Alternative!

Posted by Evangeline Stacy on

Make Spring Cleaning Less Toxic – DYI All Purpose Cleaner + Sanitizer

We are happy to see signs of spring. It gives us extra energy. Is that why spring cleaning is so much a part of many cultures?

Harsh cleaning chemicals weren’t always such a part of keeping things clean even though sometimes it seems like they continue making them stronger and more toxic.

In these pandemic times, there’s extra emphasis about the importance of disinfecting as we clean. There is a lot of information out there about how to clean without dangerous chemicals and many got laughed at when popular brands of disinfectants couldn’t be found on store shelves. How’s that (natural cleaning substitute) working for you now with Coronavirus?

Well, Coronavirus is still here and there’s still a way to disinfect and clean without the big well-known chemical cleaners. Getting ready for spring cleaning? It’s a good and healthier idea to include these items to the next shopping list and make your cleaning process slightly more enjoyable, at least.

To make an all purpose cleaner to replace typical disinfectant cleaning spray, combine into a tall spray bottle:

  • 2 Cups water

  • 1 Cup 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

  • 15 – 20 drops of Lemon Essential Oil or ½ Cup lemon juice

Who can’t trust Hydrogen Peroxide for disinfecting? Hydrogen Peroxide is a more trustworthy disinfectant because it eventually degrades safely into a non-toxic mix of water and oxygen. Cleaners that contain hydrogen peroxide are recommended for killing viruses and pathogens such as those that cause the flu, H1N1 and oral streptococci. The Centers for Disease Control says 3% hydrogen peroxide "is a stable and effective disinfectant when used on inanimate surfaces."


As you probably know if you’ve ever bitten down into a lemon, these fruits are pretty sour. Chemically speaking, what your tongue interprets as sour is citric acid. Lemons are quite acidic — more acidic than orange juice and black coffee. The combined acidity in both the lemon and Hydrogen Peroxide is a cleaning powerhouse and this is the key to their effectiveness as cleaning agents.

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