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Parabens: Why should we know about them?

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This knowledge might change your life a little.


Parabens aren’t pretty and not related with any Roots Essential products, so we’ll post nature pictures to beautify this blog.


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So, what’s the story?


It’s a reality: many products we use contain preservatives, so they can be expected to safely used for a while. They’ve been used to preserve foods and ingredients used for skin care, soaps, makeup and other personal care items. Parabens in some form are natural. Some parabens are synthetic. Many different preservative names are all parabens, even some without "paraben" as a part of their designated names.


Label readers should be aware of the main four categories of parabens:

  1. Butyl paraben, including benzoic acid, butyl ester, 4-hydroxy and hydroxybenzoate and other names

  2. Propyl paraben, including propyl ester, 4-hydroxy benzoic acid and a benzoic acid, as well as other names

  3. Ethyl paraben, including Aseptoform E, Easeptol, ethyl ester and other names

  4. Methyl paraben, including methyl ester, Maseptol, Methaben, 4-hydroxy benzoic acid and a score of additional names.


There are more categories and names.


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In 2004, a Tokyo study found that propyl paraben in a low dose had effects on decreasing the sperm production of mice. Because of this discovery, the European Food Safety Authority would no longer give it an acceptable daily intake for usage as a preservative.


Meanwhile in the US, the FDA allows this to be used in many corn tortillas, sweets, baked goods and in foods that misrepresent healthy eating, like trail mixes and products with “natural” in the product name.


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Propyl parabens are endocrine disruptors, that mimic estrogen and can cause problems with hormone signaling and gene expression. Messing around with the perfect balancing that should exist in the endocrine system causes problems and it should be easy to avoid, by avoiding the products parabens are used in.


Propyl parabens aren't the only unsafe parabens. Methyl parabens have recently been discovered in human breast tumor tissue. Do you want to take your chances with the other parabens?


Also, did you notice above, how many different parabens are all generically called benzoic acids?


Makers of personal care products and cosmetics have discontinued the use of propyl paraben in most products because of the huge amount of controversy and negative attention given. Although there are no studies proving anything dangerous with any other parabens, more of these companies are trending to use absolutely no form of parabens.


Roots Essential has never used parabens in any of our products.


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