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Are You a Minimalist?

Posted by Evangeline Stacy on

While empty-nesters lighten their loads of possessions collected over decades, down-sizing to smaller homes, younger adults who are coping with student loans, geographic challenges and / or job unavailability in careers they've studied for, and other financial insecurities, minimalism has become a trend.


Photo of a minimalist kitchen courtesy of Jason Briscoe @ Unsplash.com


The amazing amount of attraction there is for tiny homes is one example of the popularity minimalist life is achieving. Shedding the need to own a motor vehicle and opting in to public transportation and rideshare services is another minimalist trend many millennials (and others) in larger cities can rest easier with.


Minimalist comments heard recently:


“Too many possessions, too much furniture, it stresses me out. I don’t want to think about it every time I move.”


“I’m not going to buy anything brand new until I get married and settled, in my forties maybe. It’s better to buy second hand so I don’t feel bad getting rid of it every time I move.”


“Less space to clean is good. Less things to clean and open easy spaces to clean makes cleaning go faster: It rocks! “


Also, lamentations of a non-minimalist may be a warning for others:


“Downsizing is so difficult. I love everything we have. How do you decide what to keep?”


Life is unpredictable and expensive. Who doesn’t want to save space and money?


(If you’re not a minimalist, you probably save space and money for more things, right? Maybe get more space for more things…)


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