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Cinnamon Essential Oil 10ml
Cinnamon Essential Oil 10ml
Cinnamon Essential Oil 10ml

Cinnamon Essential Oil 10ml

Few other aromas are as distinctive and as energizing as cinnamon. Extracted from the thick bark of tropical evergreen trees, our Cinnamon essential oil boasts a sweet, spicy aroma that's perfect for promoting passion and inspiration. Its potent flavor makes it a popular choice for enhancing the potency of other aromas, and it's also commonly used in dishes and culinary treats. Plus, it's known for promoting digestive health.

Our Cinnamon essential oil is extracted using steam distillation to ensure the highest quality and potency. The result is a concentrated, pure oil that emits a potent, spicy aroma. Reignite your senses and reinvigorate your passion with the intensely sweet and spicy warm scent of Cinnamon essential oil.


Blends well with: 

Orange, lemon, tangerine, clove, and other citrus and spicy aromas


How to use: 

Dilute with a high-quality carrier oil for topical applications. Use a diffuser to inhale your favorite aromas. Cinnamon can be blended with coconut oil or other citrus and spicy aromas. Can also be added to homemade cleaning and deodorizing solutions. 



Don't apply to broken skin or abrasions. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children.


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